The history of san francisco cocktail week

history of SFCW

In May 2007, three enterprising bar owners with an idea to recognize World Cocktail Day set out to create the first San Francisco Cocktail Week to showcase the Bay Area's influence on the constantly-evolving cocktail scene. From the Pisco Punch, invented by Duncan Nichol at The Bank Exchange in the late 1800s to the plethora of innovative and artisan concoctions that can be found on bar menus across San Francisco today, the city has been a breeding ground for creativity, appreciation and trend-setting in the cocktail world. San Francisco Cocktail Week Founders H. Joseph Ehrmann (Elixir), Jeff Hollinger (Comstock Saloon) and Duggan McDonnell (Cantina) continued the annual celebration, each year growing it in scope, scale and flavor. In 2009, they founded the Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail (BCCAC)—a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of saloons and their cocktails in San Francisco and of California's culinary philosophy and tradition. The 2010 San Francisco Cocktail Week celebration kicked off with the opening of the BCCAC's Cocktail Bill Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts (The Boothby Center), a non-profit beverage education and event center, which holds year-round cocktail seminars and festivities.

This year we are very excited to have engaged a broad team of professionals to make this weeklong fête even better. We'll promote the talents of the bartenders that have honed their skills and become shining new stars, while we honor the leaders that have gotten us here. We'll embrace our Indian Summer weather in new ways, with cocktails in hand, and revisit some of our successful programs of the past. Restaurants and bars from across the region will embrace the energy while talented bartenders and enthusiastic visitors from around San Diego to Vancouver (and beyond) will grace our bars, events and hotels to make the 2011 San Francisco Cocktail Week an event not to be missed!